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Такси в городах:

Taxi to the train station

na vokzalVisiting Moscow can turn really troublesome as unfair taxi operators can let you down with untimely car drive up, excessive rates and poor service or low proficiency drivers. That will do if you are a city resident and you are not limited in time. But being a city guest or visiting Moscow on business you can afford being late. That is why taxi operating company “Taxi-Maxim231” is a reliable partner of your Moscow transferring from the moment of your arrival and escorting you to the railway station!

The company “Taxi-Maxim” enlists the services of only high proficiency drivers with absolute knowledge of roads and addresses in Moscow to guarantee your timely delivery to any of the railway stations of the city!


Driving to the railway station in one of the comfortable cars of “Taxi-Maxim” you can be sure that your route will be the fastest and most optimum considering the time of the day and the situation on the Moscow roads. Ordering a taxi to the railway station you will be charged only according the in city rates! If you do not need additional transfer problems and want to get to the railway station trouble free then call us +7 (495) 231 22 22 and in 10-15 minutes the car will be waiting for you at the appointed place!

Only the cars and drivers of “Taxi-Maxim231” can make your stay and transfer in Moscow totally careless and easy! Feel safe and secure in reliable cars and with professional drivers of “Taxi-Maxim”!